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AIMS School of Sport, A Top-of-mind centre of Sport Education that focuses on professionalising sport through education. ASOS offers programmes that provide young athletes, sports enthusiast, etc. in Namibia, the opportunity to receive formal education and professional training experience from the best in sport science of pedagogy in education to increase their skills development and build personal and professional expertise in football and other selected sport codes, while obtaining breakthrough achieving outstanding education. 
Certificate in Football Education and Practice L3
Duration: 24 Months

Students/trainees will gain a real and practical insight into professional football education and technical training with a specialist and unique tailored experience. 

Certificate in Sport Education and Practice L3
Duration: 24 Months

Students/trainees will gain in-depth theoretical knowledge and technical Experience into selected sports codes with a specialist and unique tailored experience.

Admission requirements

Grade 10 with 18 points and E in English.
must be physically and medically fit as best as possible for practical requirements.

Special Criteria?

Applicants who do not have grade 10 and don’t meet the admission criteria must meet the following special criteria; complete the AIMS Bridging Program (ABP) and must have natural talent of football and sport (athletics, boxing and netball) with grade 9 to qualify as a talented entrant or have strong affinity for football and sport (athletics, boxing and netball). 

Mature applicants (over 25 years) without a grade 10 will be considered on the basis of experience and overall technical ability and will go through the ABP.
AIMS may institute a selection process which will consist of 4 elements:
1. An interview 2. A skills practical of the selected sports e.g. Soccer. 3. The provision of medical clearance from a doctor
(At interview).


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