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Our Vision

To be a Reputable and leading service provider of excellence through training and development.

Our Mission

A catalyst of change to produce a productive and highly skilled and competent workforce towards the socio-economic development.

Our Values

Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Positive Attitude, Continues Personal Development and Creating Opportunity.

Meet Our Board Members

Reinhold Xoagub


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Reinhold Xoagub

Dr. Theresia J. Aochamus

Vice Chair Person

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Theresia J. Aochamus

Harold E. //Guiob

Chair Person

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Our Background

The African Institutional Management Services (AIMS) was founded the first black owned training institution in Namibia.

AIMS is accredited as an institution to offer qualifications by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) and registered with the Namibia Training Authority (NTA), as a Training Provider. All the qualifications offered by AIMS, are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) of Namibia. Since 1998, with the leadership drive of the founder, the institution trained over 5,000 employees from different public and private institutions. This was achieved with the use of local and international experts in the fields of Finance, Economics, Business Development and Management Consulting.

The institution continuously strives to be accountable to the trainees, the communities and the general public, for the quality of learning experiences it provides. Moreover, the resources the institution uses and the manner in which people are treated, form part of the institutions service delivery. For continuous improvement, evaluation is built into all course work to measure improvement successively.

AIMS, is aware that the strategic alignment of business operations is critical for profitability and sustainability of the institution. Henceforth, the institution re-aligned its business operations to function at optimal levels for future sustainable growth.

The institution is mindful that in order to be effective, skills development strategies must take account of and involve both the public and the private sector. The principal purpose of skills development, for both social and economic reasons, is to help people to gain marketable skills and support them in finding decent employment in which they can utilize these skills.

With an experienced management team in the training industry, the institution adopted a different and sustainable approach with regards to the training industry. The institution believes the future lies in value addition, of its training programs, as it pertains to up skilling the workforce, building institution capacity of its clients and simultaneously adding to the national Human Resource Development pool. The institution expanded its trainings into the Aviation Sector and successfully entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with Flight Safety Training South Africa.

AIMS has gained extensive experience over the past two decades in the Namibian Education and Training Sector, both in the public- and private sectors.

The corporate training targets employed personnel, whereas vocational training, as the key primacy, supports the Harambee Prosperity Plan’s (HPP’s) Pillars on: (1) economic development and (2) social advancement.

AIMS is governed by an Advisory Board of competent personalities with industry leadership. The Board consisting of the Chairman and Directors.

The curriculum, training and support services are characterized by knowledgeable and enthusiastic Trainers, learning and development strategies that suit trainees and/ or participants’ needs and an atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect.

As part of its philosophy, AIMS encourages and engages in evidence-based deliberation with open minds in an atmosphere of mutual respect. It further consults with and considers, carefully, the views of internal and external stakeholders who have an important perspective on educational, training and development matters.