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"My life was changed by AIMS SOS. I was able to take my skills as an athlete and coach to the next level. Thanks to the incredible staff at AIMS, I met people who helped me build my career.
John Doe

AIMS School of Sports

Professional Training from the best in Sports Science

 A first-of-it’s-kind Sports Education Centre that offers programmes to provide young athletes, sports enthusiast, etc. in Namibia, the opportunity to receive formal education and professional training experience from the best in sport science: Opportunities to increase their skills development and build personal and professional expertise in football and other selected sport codes, while obtaining breakthrough achieving outstanding education.

All our certificate courses take 24 months to complete and are accredited by the Namibian Training Authority

Students/trainees will gain a real and practical insight into professional football education and technical training with a specialist and unique tailored experience.

Students/trainees will gain in-depth theoretical knowledge and technical Experience into selected sports codes with a specialist and unique tailored experience.

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